Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Please note that only tickets issued and sold by SIA "BALTIC BALL" and LLC "Venski Bal Moskva" are valid.


Ticket categories and pricing:

Seat at the table for 10 persons and for 4 persons, gala dinner, including all drinks

Seat at the table for 10 persons, gala dinner, including drinks

Sear at the table for 8 persons on the podium, gala dinner, including drinks

Entrance ticket, buffet table, desserts, drinks (located on the 2nd floor)

Arrival of guests: 19:30
Official opening: 20:35
End of the ball: 01:55

Dress code:

For ladies - full-length gown
For gentlemen - tailcoat, tuxedo or military uniform
Organizers reserve the right to refuse entry at the event in case of non-compliance with the dress code


Please note that your booking will be on hold for maximum 7 days until the payment is successful

Delivery by courier within the city of Moscow (service cost: 590 rubles)
Delivery by courier within the city of Riga (service cost: 5-10 euro)