25 debutant couples will have the honor to open the Baltic Ball. Debutant entrance will be staged by the main dance master of the ball - Andrei Chitu - an experienced choreographer and professional dancer from Vienna, who already choreographed the opening of the First Baltic Ball in Riga.

Debutants traditionally have the honor of opening big society balls. Debutants are unmarried young ladies and gentlemen, who have auditioned for the opening ceremony. At the ball ladies must wear white dresses and their partners - black tailcoats. In earlier times, in such a way the brides and grooms were introduced to the society, and this is why all the debutantes are dressed in white which resembles a wedding dress.

The debutants of the Baltic Ball will be selected through an audition that will be conducted by the Ball Committee. During the interviews with applicants, the members of the Ball Committee will assess their level of education, talents, manners, knowledge of foreign languages and physical appearance. Those young ladies and gentlemen who passes the audition, will attend dance lessons for three months in order to brilliantly perform at the opening ceremony of the ball.

Age limit of debutants:

  • Ladies, from 16 to 25 years, born in the period from 22 September 1993 to 22 September 2002;
  • Young men from 18 to 28 years.

Application form for debutant candidates of the Second Baltic Ball