24 debutant couples will have the honor to open the Baltic Ball. Debutant entrance will be staged by the main dance master of the ball - Andrei Chitu - an experienced choreographer and professional dancer from Vienna.

Conditions for participation at the Baltic Ball Opening Ceremony for debutant candidates after successful passing of the audition process
1. Debutants from Latvia must take 20 dance classes (under the guidance of experienced instructors) and to participate at 3 mandatory general rehearsals with the main choreographer. Dance classes are taking place in Riga.
а) Debutants pay a fee of 80 euros for 20 dancing classes* at their own expense.

*Fees for dance classes are paid by all the debutants, except for professional dancers (applies only to those who have “C” or higher dancer qualification class proof in the “qualification book”).

2. Debutants from other countries, if they have not debuted at Baltic Ball partners’ organized balls before, must attend dance classes at their place of residence.

3. General rehearsals under the guidance of main choreographer are mandatory to all debutants (including dancers with the C category).
а) Fee for general rehearsals (3 days 3,5-4h/each) is 70 euro in total.

4. The participation at the Ball for debutants is free of charge.
Baltic Ball debutants have an opportunity to participate in other balls that are organized by the Baltic Ball organizers team abroad!
Young ladies:
  • white gown in full length
  • white ball gloves (elbow length)
  • white or silver shade dancing shoes
  • evening hairstyle, tiara
Young gentlemen:
  • tailcoat / tuxedo
  • white gloves
  • patent leather dress shoes
  • white bowtie

Application for debutant candidates of the Baltic Charity Ball 2020 is now OPEN!